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Stacey Cooper LMSW, LMAC

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Choosing to see a therapist and "move on” from life's challenges isn’t easy; it doesn’t matter what actually happened/happening... getting over whatever is going on in your life is just hard. I think “moving on” actually means you have to move “through” & I provide a safe space for that to happen. I’m an experienced social worker who believes some topics deserve a therapy deep dive & others are better tackled from a solution-focused coaching angle. Over the years, I’ve helped adults find what they are looking for in therapy; that's why I know coping, healing, recovering & “moving on” is actually possible.

I have experience working with adult clients dealing with everything from adjustment issues to depression, anxiety, addiction & relationship conflict. I also love working with couples, LGBTQIA+ & transgender individuals. I'm not one of those "cookie cutter" therapist; I use everything from mindfulness & CBT, to teaching new ways to cope with what's going on. Which also means I know how to shift to the right intervention to support your end goals.


All said and done, my approach is individualized and centered on helping adults “move through” what made you seek therapy in the first place. I offer in-person & video sessions, but prefer to connect in person when possible. While Amanda can be considered the "adolescent guru" I only work with adults over the age of 21. I have a limited availability for adults clients based on office location. 


Stacey Cooper LMSW, LMAC

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